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The Importance of Testosterone Balance in Men

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If there is a element as substance that is completely identify with men in general is testosterone, being the hormone responsible of giving the masculine attributes to males, as well as strength and big bones, the possibility to procreate and even being the material that result imperative for men to have proper body functions, since with low levels of it can bring serious health problems.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to balance and even increase testosterone levels in men, with natural recipes and products that have that specific effect and such will be addressed next. However, before entering precisely on the different remedies to increase testosterone, in first instance we will talk shortly on the definition of such hormone, effects on men, functions and effects when it is too high or low.

Testosterone: concept, benefit and effects on men

In terms of concept, testosterone is the sexual hormone related to men, being the element responsible of physical development that give the differential attributes in comparison to women. For example, testosterone is the hormone that makes possible growing of beard and mustache, development of sexual organs as penis and scrotum, as well as others.

Nevertheless, one of the most important effects testosterone have on men is virility, vigorousness, increase of speed and size of muscle and general, since it is considered an anabolic steroid that avoid osteoporosis and other diseases, although it results forbidden regarding artificial or additional intake for athletes and sportsmen due to those effects mentioned before.

Also, testosterone gives men the feeling of wellbeing and comfort, as well as being related to sexual appetite and libido that results in great sex life when it is on the normal levels. In the same way, testosterone helps to decrease levels of high density cholesterol that is known as “bad cholesterol”, among other benefits.

On the other hand, when testosterone is running low effects can be anger and irritability, decrease in sexual appetite and general vagueness and energy, loss of muscle mass and bone, hair loss, headaches, difficulty to urinate and more. Because of it, to have regular testosterone levels in men results important to ensure their wellbeing, a thing that fortunately can be achieved with natural recipes and different products.

Testosterone in Men

Easy home and natural remedies to increase testosterone in men

Due to the severe effects that have low testosterone in men regarding sexuality and other ambits, it results imperative to increase it naturally and being such purpose easy with home and natural remedies that are available.

First, in general it is recommended to do exercise every day in aerobic and anaerobic approach, since such activities help to increase testosterone naturally among other endorphins and healthy hormones.

Also in general, eating broccoli, oysters, cauliflowers, nuts and sunflower seeds in meals every day can help to increase levels of testosterone easily, as well as providing other benefit in sexual and healthy interest as it happens with oysters and their aphrodisiac effects, which produce more sperm, harder erection and more sexual appetite.

Now, in terms of recipes and home remedies and their preparation we have the maca root tea in first place, which can be done by pouring a maca tablespoon in a cup of tea that will be boiled for five minutes, then you let it fresh, strain it have a couple of cups every day, boosting up the sperm production and testosterone.

Also, Korean ginseng is known for its properties that one of them is to increase testosterone naturally, and to do it you just have to make tea with this element by boiling a tablespoon of Korean Ginseng in a cup of water for five minutes, then you just strain it, let it get fresh and drink the tea during the day.